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Why Should I hire a wedding videographer?

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

David Mark recording a wedding in East Chicago, IN
David Mark recording a wedding in East Chicago, IN

Duh! Who spends thousands of dollars on the biggest event of their life and only walks away with a bunch of still photos?

Why Should I hire a wedding videographer?

Of course you should hire a #professionalvideographer for your #wedding! A great #weddingvideo is one of the only things you will actually be able to keep after your wedding. You're probably thinking “but they all charge $3000 or more and I don't have any room left in my budget for that”. If that is what your thinking, your right! A #professionalweddingvideographer is often one of the more high end things you will pay for during your wedding, but it may just be the best investment you'll make, even more valuable than the photographer (who you probably paid more for). How is that possible you ask? Because in case of an emergency, high resolution still photos can be made directly out of your wedding video! With today's modern 4K video cameras the resolution is so high that a #provideographer can make still images of any part of your wedding with the push of a button, it's like “wedding memory insurance”. What if your photographer's camera has an error? What if the memory card fails? What if they just don't send the images to you when it's over? Having a #professionalvideographer provides insurance against all of these potential problems because they almost all use two to three cameras for every shoot so nothing is missed and you can be sure that your memories are intact and you'll get a great looking #weddingvideo to take with you and show your future children. What if you could find a #professionalweddingvideographer for less than half the cost of the others?

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